River Rafting

The Pho Chhu river and Mo Chhu river (Male and Female Rivers) of Punakha that originates from the Northern Himalayan Mountains offer great rafting or experience. The Pho Chhu river or the male river that runs down from left of Punakha Dzong originates from the glacier lakes in the Northern Mountains.  It offers approximately  a 16 km course with about 15 rapids. The Mo Chhu river or the female river runs down from the right side of Punakha Dzong and has a 10 km course with 10 rapids.

After the convergence of these two rivers near Punakha Dzong, the main river is known as Puna Tsang chu which offers even more exciting experience acknowledged mostly for its culturally stimulating and exciting rapids.

Throughout this river rafting you will glide back in time as you journey through the most scenic and natural course with incredible view of alpine scenery, beautiful rice terrace, rich bird life and experience exciting rapids on the backdrop of a 17th century spectacle, the Punakha Dzong.

Duration : 2 hours.