Message from the General Manager

Dear Guest,

Welcome to Dhensa. We are pleased to offer you a hospitality experience that is intuitive and personalized. Experiencing our enchanting resort is akin to being enveloped by the warmth and simplicity of a second home that is close to your heart.

Our 6 cottages, comprising of 24 private suites, are delightfully designed with an understated luxury inspired Bhutan’s simple way of life. Central to our belief at Dhensa, we are devoted to delivering an experience that is always sincere and authentic in meeting your every want and need.

It is no surprise that Punakha Valley is gaining recognition as a sanctuary where discerning travelers retreat from the rest of the world to rejuvenate their senses. If you are searching for an exceptional blend of nature, heritage, culture and food, you have arrived at the perfect place! Be it admiring the kingdom’s spectacular natural landscape, soaking in the ambience of its majestic Dzongs, savoring the exotic local cuisine or simply socializing with its friendly communities, you will be impressed in more ways than you can imagine.

Punakha Valley is a place that continues to fascinate me every day, and I believe you too, will be mesmerized in no time. As you take time to discover the magical sights and sounds of Bhutan, my dedicated team of hosts and I will be here to make your stay with us a blissful and enjoyable one.

May you bring home memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Sincerely yours,
General Manager

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